Sonja van Dijk is based in and around Oxfordshire. She grew up in an Anglo/Dutch family which was heavily influenced by horses, primarily driving and show-jumping. She started riding at a young age and went on to compete in show-jumping and eventing.

Sonja studied the Diploma of McTimoney-Corley Equine Manipulation and the Diploma of McTimoney-Corley Animal Manipulation and it’s unique adjusting technique at the Oxford College of Equine Physiotherapy. She is a full member of AMCST and has full Indemnity insurance.

As a horse owner and competitor, she understands the importance of the relationship between horse and rider and the need to have your horse physically optimal to be able to give you it’s finest performance.

McTimoney-Corley treatment consists of a gentle, but very quick adjustment to the misaligned vertebrae. Treatment is carried out by hand and most animals accept it readily. Massage therapy and mobilisation techniques may also be used in conjunction with manipulation on any areas of muscle spasm.


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