Based in East Sussex and covering adjacent Kent, Katrina Fowler is an experienced McTimoney Animal Practitioner, who holds a Post graduate Diploma (P.G.Dip) in Animal Manipulation and a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc. Hons) in Biological Sciences.

Katrina is a member of the McTimoney Animal Association, the professional body of McTimoney Animal Practitioners and is fully insured to treat your animal.

Horses are natural athletes. They are designed to move with agility and speed. Changes in their movement and performance occur from misalignments. Causes of misalignments can be acute or chronic, and result from a wide range of incidents. Acute causes are the result of a sudden traumatic event: slipping or falling when being ridden or out in the field, becoming cast in the stable, landing awkwardly when jumping. Chronic misalignments occur over a longer period of time. Common examples are; compensation as a result of an injury or lameness, ill- fitting tack, poor foot balance, repetitive and strenuous work, unbalanced rider, conformational faults and dental problems.

Horses receive great benefit from preventative treatment. Regular maintenance checks are recommended to keep them balanced and help them to perform at their best.


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East Sussex, Kent

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