After working in Human Resources for 8 years, Georgina decided to follow her heart and retrain for a new career working with horses as a McTimoney-Corley Animal Manipulator. Georgina trained with the Oxford College of Equine Physical Therapy and achieved a Diploma with Merit in 2009, and has been working self-employed as an Equine Spinal Therapist since then.

McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapy is a full body treatment, where subluxations or malfunctions of the spine and associated joints may be evident through degrees of lameness when working or walking/trotting up, through mechanical movement, palpation or observation of nerve irritation during the treatment. These subluxations are then corrected through extremely gentle and effective manipulative techniques using the hands.

By coaxing the bones back into position, soft tissue is also released, and the proper functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems resumes, restoring the bodies natural capability to self-heal.


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