Lucie has a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science from the University of the West of England and qualified in 2003 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Manipulation from the McTimoney College, Abingdon and the University of Wales, thus enabling her to be a member of the MAA, the professional Association of McTimoney Animal Practitioners.

Animals can suffer back, neck and muscular injuries from a number of causes, such as direct trauma and falls. With horses other contributory factors may include foot imbalances, troublesome teeth, conformation defects and saddle related problems. Just as in humans, injury can cause a loss of mobility, pain, stiffness, reduced performance, compensatory changes and sometimes altered behaviour.

The Mctimoney technique is a manual therapy which works to restore normal joint mobility, particularly concentrating on the neck, back and pelvis. John McTimoney developed the treatment in the 1950s, modifying his human chiropractic technique to apply specifically to animals.

Practitioners use their hands to work with joints, muscles and connective tissue and to evaluate and treat soft tissue imbalances and abnormalities in skeletal function.


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