I decided to study the techniques myself and qualified as a Human Bowen Therapist in 2002. I then went on to learn how to adapt the methods for use on horses, and subsequently added Equine Bowen Therapy to my repertoire. I have never looked back.

Although I base my practice in Gloucestershire, I now travel to wherever I am needed by clients in the surrounding counties and beyond. Equine Bowen Therapy involves a series of gentle, non-invasive connective tissue manipulations applied to key points on the horse’s body. Like the Bowen Technique for people, it is an effective hands-on technique that addresses the whole Central Nervous System, promoting healing, pain relief and energy rebalancing.

Most of the Bowen body work is concentrated on connective tissue known as fascia. Unlike other structures, which have beginning and end points, fascia is a continuous membrane-like plastic wrap that covers every organ, blood vessel, nerve, muscle and bone throughout the whole body. In prime condition, fascia is loose, moist, mobile and elastic, facilitating movement between the parts of the body and the flow of bodily fluids throughout the body. Through a series of gentle cross-fibre moves, Bowen treatment releases “gluing” in the fascia, allowing the tissue to become more moveable. As the fascia improves through better hydration, the body is able to provide a better supply of nutrients to the cells and remove waste. There will then be less restriction on muscles, tendons and ligaments and the vascular, lymphatic and nervous systems will be able to function more effectively.


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