Gwenn Smith - Equine Muscle Release Therapy. Equine Muscle Release Therapy is a Bowen therapy and Bowen is a gentle technique that empowers your body's own healing abilities. An EMRT treatment consists of sequences of precise moves at specific sites on the horses body, generally only needing 2-3 treatments to clear most conditions.

Does your horse suffer from any of the following: An inexplicable drop in performance, Unexplained Resistance, Irritability, Uneven muscle development or wastage, Uneven shoe wear or dragging hind feet, Stiffness on one rein, Intermittent or unresolved lameness, Disunited Paces, Sore or Cold Back, Filled Legs? If so Equine Muscle Release Therapy may be able to help, where traditional treatments have failed.


Bowen Technique, Therapists



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