Neil Gibson is a qualified Equine and Human Bowen Technique practitioner based in the South West. As an ex Modern Pentathlete Neil does a lot of work with competition horses and performance management, though is equally happy working with horses of any type for any injury or imbalance.

Neil trained in the Bowen Technique under the supervision of Julian at the ECBS. Neil is also qualified to treat horses having trained as an Equine Bowen practitioner with Lotty Merry at RFCES.

Equine Bowen is the equine form of The Bowen Technique, a pioneering soft tissue treatment used for treating clients with a very broad range of complaints. A truly holistic therapy, Bowen treats the individual and not any named conditions.

With the nature of Equine Bowen treatment and with the anatomies & physiologies involved, treating holistically can be a very effective and long lasting for many equine conditions. Treatment involves a series of gentle rolling type moves over the soft tissues. The nervous systems response from these very specific moves initiates the responses and reactions that ensue.

Equine Bowen does not involve any manipulations, adjustments, massage or heavy force. Because the moves are gentle it can be used in situations where horses may not be comfortable with other hands on therapies. It can be used with young foals and brood mares without contra-indication.


Bowen Technique, Therapists


Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire

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