Equine Bowen Therapy allows the horse to perform his best for his rider. Likewise, by addressing any muscular stiffness or old injuries in the rider with the Bowen technique, the horse will appreciate a more balanced weight on his back! Any correction of a horse’s problem may not hold unless the rider is in complete structural balance.

Sara Mead is a registered Equine Bowen therapist, having qualified from the European School of Equine Bowen Therapy, approved by the European College of Bowen Studies, an Supported by Nigel Dodman, BVSc, Cert.Ed, MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and Bowen Therapist.

All horses will benefit greatly from a Bowen Therapy treatment; like tuning musical instruments to play a sweeter tune – your horse will have more elevation in his stride, by freeing the shoulder up, and more power in his hindquarters.

My Ethics are of Truth and Honour. My mission is to improve the life of any horses I treat, through bowen, possibly herbs and any other healing modality I feel may be relevant to your horse.


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