If you have a problem with your horse or pony's behaviour, or they have a problem with yours, then you've come to the right place. Leading, loading, kicking, biting, napping, mounting, catching, spooking, clipping, rugging or aggressiveness - these are all issues which can be dealt with.

Whatever the issue, Steve Thompson can help you and your horse find a way forward using natural horsemanship methods, he covers Scotland, Northumberland and Cumbria. There doesn't need to be a specific behavioural problem for a visit to be worthwhile - foal handling, a youngster ready for starting, a new-to-you horse and cases where the relationship just isn't working can also greatly benefit from the knowledge and advice you will gain from a visit.

Training is based on helping the horse or pony to understand what is required and is always carried out in a considerate manner - the owner may get abused - but never the horse!!




Cumbria, Northumberland

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