All horses can benefit from healing energy. Any horse which has been traumatised for example through injury, accident, illness, bad handling, abuse, neglect etc and no matter how long ago, can benefit, as healing aims to restore balance to the energy field and discharge negative energy.

Disturbed energy can lead to disease and disorder and all physical illness will have an emotional element to it. Pain and stress are very upsetting for a horse and lead to, so-called, behavioural problems. I am finding that Vets are becoming increasingly open to the benefits of healing, which helps the horse or pony on as deep a level as possible, and which also helps the animal to communicate where the problem is.

Many vets are exploring energy medicine as they seek to help the animal on the deepest possible level. For this reason I regularly demonstrate my work to vets and other animal healthcare professionals, and vets often come on my workshops.





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