A professional rider and trainer based in Sussex, I am a specialist in equine behaviour and its application to training. Successfully working with owners and riders to retrain problem horses, modify unwanted behaviours, develop and support longer term training strategies and build rider confidence. I can help with: spooky horses, lack of brakes, “dead to the leg” horses, trailer loading problems, starting youngsters, developing safe hacking and competition horses, your confidence, particularly with new or difficult horses, other horse and rider troubles. I teach in a way that is ethical, safe, understandable (for you) and free from conflict (for the horse) - based on a thorough understanding of equine behaviour and equine learning theory, and the application of those to training. This means I can help if your horse has behavioural problems in hand or under saddle, whether you are a "happy (or not so happy) hacker", a competitive rider, whatever sort of tack or training system you have from Natural Horsemanship to pony club, dressage to endurance.




East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex

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