Tanya is a qualified Equine Behaviour consultant. She combines behavioural science with her wealth of experience with horses to help understand why they exhibit some of the behaviours that we see in them. This involves learning about the history with the horse and it's routine. It also involves observing the horse's body language to determine if the behaviour is derived as a result of pain, fear or tension. Or is simply linked to social behaviour.

Tanya operates this service Nationwide. She will travel to assess horses, or if video footage is available, she can base an assessment on that. Upon identifying the cause of the problem, Tanya will assist you with you addressing the horse's behaviour.

Tanya uses a very sympathetic and holistic approach for both horse and rider. She is under no illusion that quite often Behaviour problems and loss of rider or handler confidence go together. As a result of this there is no pressure for any party involved with the horse to undertake anything that they don't want to.




Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire

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