Michael Peace is a specialist horse trainer, who works with young and problem horses at all levels and from all equestrian disciplines. After many years of experience working with problem horses all around the world, Michael has consolidated his unique talents and understanding into the Think Equus philosophy, for people who want to improve their horsemanship and maximise their relationship with their horse.

Michael is happy to work with any horse in any discipline, no problem is too big or too small, and he's seen pretty much every horse problem there is. In fact, most people he works with have very similar stories, often having spent significant amounts of money before they've got to the point of contacting him.

"I'm constantly amazed at how long people will let their situation drag on before giving me a call. It can be quite worrying for the owner, but also very distressing for their much-loved horse as well" says Michael. "Getting us involved early is both economic and affordable and I can solve many problems with just one visit."





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