In October, 2006 after attending a series of workshops and successfully completing both theory and practical exams, I gained a Diploma in Applied Equine Podiatry. I am now more committed than ever to the professional study, care and treatment of horses’ feet, in a natural and holistic manner without the use of shoes.

We as practitioners don’t heal anything; none of us do. The best we can do is trigger the body to heal itself. My ambition now is to support other owners in their desire to achieve healthy hooves for their horses.

I am often asked to explain the difference between a traditional trim and one practised by an AEP. The traditional trim uses external angles of the hoof and its adjoining limb to create positive alignment. However, due to changes in stance, poor leg confirmation and deformities in the hoof, it is not always possible to achieve correct balance this way. A variety of shoes have been specifically designed to address this problem in order that no further thought need be given to providing the correct stimulus to promote proper foot function.

In contrast, the ´High Performance Trim Method` focuses on balancing the hoof capsule to its internal structures. Using defined landmarks that have a close relation to the interior allows the foot to achieve proper neurological response when it hits the ground. This method requires a trained eye, capable of recognising proper structure within an otherwise deformed hoof capsule and how it relates to a correct foot. When used in conjunction with a healthy hoof management plan, the ´High Performance Trim Method` allows the horse to develop an exceptional foot, one that can be achieved and maintained without the use of shoes.


Barefoot Trimming


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