Hello there, my name is Ben Street, where do I start with my life around horses? Well, it all started in the beginning of 2008. I knew nothing about horses then, but all of that changed when I met my partner Niki. So I got to be around horses a lot more and I started to get really interested in how they live, eat and maintain their own feet in the wild.

I began to do research and got even more interested in it, and so I decided to go on a course for bare foot trimming. It was a year course with a guy called Dan Guerrera and I did that in England in a little place called Hull. I started the course in the middle of 2008 and I finished that in March 2009, and now I am a fully qualified bare foot trimmer with many clients, most of them in the Staffordshire area.

In between all of that I have been studying from a guy called Pete Ramey, reading all his articles, his book and watching his DVDs. From the start of 2008 until this write up at the end of 2010 I have been going out with other qualified bare foot trimmers in the UK. I like to learn as much as I can to help the horse out. I am proud to be an Equine Sciences Academy student.


Barefoot Trimming


Cheshire, Staffordshire

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