I have been established since 2008, after serving a four and a half year apprenticeship in North Yorkshire with Huw Dyer at Londonderry Forge. Huw is one of the best training farriers and very well renowned farriers in the country.

I trim and shoe a wide variety of horses and ponies from Shetland to shire and many different types of competition horse, each with their own individual styles. I pride my self in taking time with every horse and giving a professional, friendly service.

Reasons for shoeing:

  • Grip
  • Protection
  • Correction.


  • Bare Foot trimming
  • Show trimming
  • Remedial trimming
  • Remedial shoeing
  • Race horse shoeing
  • Hunter shoeing
  • Pleasure shoeing.

why choose us? Reliable, Professional and Prompt.


Barefoot Trimming



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