Quite simply, the well being of the horse and the benefits of correct shoeing, trimming and foot preparation affects the whole horse. A farriers' job is to maintain or restore skeletal alignment, which in turn allows the soft connective tissue such a muscles, tendons and ligaments to work to their optimum performance without causing undue stress.

In the mid-1980's a friend of mine, David Nicholls, introduced me to Natural Balance shoeing, which when applied properly has many applications which help to maintain health and soundness in the modern horse. Natural Balance shoeing has enabled me to travel to many far flung destinations, which include working in seven States in America and also teaching Natural Balance techniques in the UK and Netherlands.

Two years ago I was invited to be one of the first people in the world to take the four Natural Balance examinations and along with Ross Eager and David Nicholls was one of the first farriers to achieve Certified Lameness Specialist in Natural Balance techniques, which at present is the highest qualification in these practices.


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