What is so special about a natural hoof care trim? The trim we use is safe, effective and non invasive.

There are many 'schools' of trimming, but the correct trim will be as individual as your horse. Every horse's feet are different. They are a product of the way your horse is made and how he lives - his conformation, diet, environment and health.

To trim a foot correctly we need to understand how all these elements come together. When your horse's feet are correctly balanced to the way he moves naturally, you will feel how much more freely he moves when you ride him. If your horse is unable to stand or move in a way that is natural for him, his muscles, tendons, ligaments and skeleton will not function correctly. So if the feet are not properly balanced the chances are that there will be stress higher up the limb, in the shoulder and quite probably in the back.

When we visit your horse we will always ask you to walk or trot him up. Then, through careful assessment, we can see how your horse loads his foot and how the structures at the back of the foot support his weight. From there we can begin to judge correct heel height and breakover point. The correct trim for your horse, along with good diet, living environment and plenty of movement will result in a true barefoot performance horse.


Barefoot Trimming


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