I hold a diploma in Applied Equine Podiatry, high performance hoof-care, awarded by the International Institute of Equine Podiatry, (IIEP) founder K.C la Pierre, of which I am an “active alumni”.

Applied Equine Podiatrists are highly trained specialists in hoof-care for the unshod horse. We work closely with the owner to achieve the healthiest hooves possible for their horse. The approach is somewhat different from traditional farriery, educating owners to take more responsibility for their horse’s soundness and performance and enabling them to understand how different factors influence the health of the hoof.

I help you to develop hoof friendly, horse management practices and provide close support and guidance as the horse’s hooves change and heal from the damage of shoeing. I am not against shoeing per se. However I would question the premise that most horses need shoes. Horses don’t need shoes. It is the human who needs shoes because of the way he rides his horse i.e. without awareness of the way the equine foot functions, what makes it healthy and how it grows/wears.

Why must we ride our horses in such a way as to cause them damage? We need a new paradigm. Applied Equine Podiatry is precisely this -a new science, which exists alongside farriery, as a holistic alternative.


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