I am Mr Andrew Brown A.F.C.L. the holder of the highest qualification in Hoof Management and I have over 40 years of full time practical experience.

I am a master of barefoot trimming with a have a wealth of experience in all manner of equines and the problems that their hooves may encounter.

I have been with horses and ponies every day of my life for the last 45 years. After 5 years of training I have the highest qualifications in hoof care.  

I am an Associate fellow of the Farrier's Company in London A.F.C.L.  There are very few of us in the UK and even in the world. this qualification is recognised world wide. I am also former national champion, placed at world champion competitions.
During my career, I have set the national training standards and have been involved in training at the highest levels. I have worked with a wide range of animals including sheep, goats through to zebras and other exotics and " cross species.
I feel fortunate that after some many years of full time work with horses in Dorset on animals feet , that I still have the passion and enthusiasm to continue working in this field and to try and help as many animals as I can to my clients approval.
Animal welfare is paramount and for your piece of mind,  I am qualified, registered, licensed, regulated and insured with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

A happy hoof, ensures a happy horse.


Barefoot Trimming


Dorset, Hampshire

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