Horses and Reiki. How might my horse react?

Horses, like other animals are able to read our energy. They are very energy orientated and most will love to receive Reiki! It is very easy to see a horse enjoying Reiki. They will often lower their head, close their eyes, lick their lips, chew, relax a hind leg, pass wind and droppings, or even lie down.

How can Reiki help horses?

Giving Reiki to a horse has been found to help with many problems, such as: Physical Injuries, Sweet Itch, Laminitis, Colic, Box Walking, Competition Stress, Performance, Wind Sucking, Cribbing, Loading Problems, Appetite Loss, Separation Anxiety, and Owner-Horse Relationship.

How does an Equine Reiki treatment take place?

I can treat your horse however you feel it is best, whether that be free in the stable, tied up, or from a distance, in a field for example, or even over the stable door. I will either lay my hands on the horse’s body or from a space away depending on how the horse wishes to receive the energy. If treating remotely I will send Reiki using my mind and intent, and you may notice the horse looking over, or coming closer to me. Reiki goes where it is needed by the use of intention, so it isn’t essential to lay hands on the horse. I have been trained in a variety of methods to treat horses, so I will use whichever one I feel is the most appropriate at the time.

Equine Communication

Whilst I was training, I also discovered I was able to communicate with horses. As a horse owner you will know how intelligent horses are! I can ask them questions and they will answer me by showing me a picture or scene in my mind, or making me ‘hear’ their answer in my head. If your horse is willing to communicate with me I will also incorporate this as part of my treatment to make it even more effective.

How many treatments are needed?

The effects of Reiki build cumulatively, so a course of treatments is recommended, usually 4-6 depending on how quickly the benefits are being felt. Once the course of treatments has finished, a regular ‘top-up’ session will help to maintain the benefits. It is also recommended to treat the owner because animals pick up on their owner’s energy and will tend to exhibit the same problems.


Legal Information

Owners are required to advise their veterinary surgeon of the intention to use complementary therapy as a support system to use alongside conventional treatments. The Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966 amended 1996 prohibits anyone other than a qualified veterinary surgeon to diagnose ailments and giving of advice on such diagnosis. The healing of animals by contact healing, by the laying on of hands or distant healing is legal. The Protection of Animals Act 1911 requires that if an animal clearly needs treatment from a veterinary surgeon the owner must obtain this.


What to expect on the day

I am fully insured to treat both people and animals with Reiki. (This includes Racehorses provided certain criteria is met which I can check with you.) On arrival for treatment we will have a consultation and I will require you to fill out a consent form/record sheet which will document information on your horse such as age, breed, lameness history, and when it last saw the Dentist and Farrier. You will need to have received verbal permission from your vet before I can commence a Reiki treatment. Unless you object, I will then play some relaxing music on my CD player and treat your horse.

I will detail my observations from the treatment on the record sheet using both words and diagrams for future reference



£45 per horse.

This includes consultation and travel time and expenses. Duration of treatments will vary depending on how much Reiki the horse needs or is willing to receive in that session. The cost will be the same whether the treatment is relatively short, or very long, or whether I treat hands on or remotely. A course of treatments is recommended.

Horse and owner treatment deals.

As stated it is good practice to treat the owner as well.

Horse treatment with a 30 min short treatment for the owner - £55.

Horse treatment with a 1 hour full treatment for the owner - £65.





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