My name is Delcie, I am an experienced Reiki Master dedicated to the wellbeing of horse’s, people and animals.  Reiki is great!  It is a gentle yet powerful form of healing that will never harm you or your horse.  It can help your horse with many different problems, emotional, mental, behavioural and physical.  And for all the reasons it can help your horse, it can help you too.  It is also great for a pampering session for your horse or for yourself as it brings about deep relaxation.

I work with horse's for all kinds of different reasons, some are very nervous and need to get rid of all their nervous energy in order to start enjoying their life.  Others have ongoing health problems and Reiki helps to keep the symptoms under control allowing them to lead fuller and happier lives.  Some have serious jobs to do and Reiki helps them deal with competition nerves or keeps them nice and supple so they can give their best performance.

There are many different reasons I work with people too, many of the people I work with are riders.  Some people just need help to unwind, release their stress and more easily deal with life's challenges.  Others have back or other kinds of physical of problems, reiki helps relieve the pain.  And then there are those that need help with those competition nerves, we're not so different to our horse's.

Reiki can help with these and many more problems, if you're not sure just give me a call I'm always happy to answer any questions.


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